Now that my campaign with Playlist Push has ended, I want to keep the ball moving in promoting ‘Take Me Away’. This is where Spotify for Brands comes in. Spotify has been rolling out audio ad’s on its platform for non-premium users. When signing up, you can choose either: Raise awareness for a brand, business, or organization or Promote a concert or music related content. I selected the latter since I am promoting my artist page. You get to select your location target, age range, gender, and most importantly, target based on listeners behavior. This could be a powerful tool that neither Facebook or Google is capable of targeting, actual human behavior.

When you target based on listening behavior, you get to select:

  • Reach as much of your audience as possible, across all music tastes)
  • Target your audience based on their specific music tastes)
  • Target people in your audience who are listening to music tailored to specific activities and moods)
  • Target fans of an artist you’re promoting. For any artist that you select here, your ad must clearly promote that artist or event in which they are performing)

Next, you will select your budget and schedule your campaign. Unfortunately the lowest budget is $250 but I’ve learned, thanks to Brian at, you can set your budget but you won’t be charged until the ads have rolled out. This means that you can stop at anytime during your campaign.

Spotify for Brands
Ad Preview

Once you give Spotify for Brands your credit card info, you will upload a 30 second audio clip of your ad with a 640px640p picture to accompany it. After finishing, it will take about a day for your ad to get approved. Once your ad is approved, you will log into your Spotify Ad Studio account to keep track of your campaign.

MY Target Audience

I’ve decided to pick Chicago only for this campaign because I’d like to gain more listeners from my home town. My goal is to eventually get more local DJ bookings. I plan on returning to the decks in the near future.

Chicago is sitting at number 4 top cities on my Spotify artist page. I’ll admit it was around the top 10, but it took its time to climb its way up in three weeks. With my Spotify for Artists data, I selected the age group of 17-24, both genders. With data from my Playlist Push and UMG campaign, I’ve decided to target two genres: EDM and Pop listeners. The campaign will last a week from August 24, 2018 – September 2, 2018. With a $250 budget, this campaign will have approximately 14,000 impressions. Fingers crossed.


Here is my 30 second ad that I recorded. Once again, I would like to thank Brian from PassivePromotion for his insight. I used specific words, including the neighborhood I am from to connect with local listeners.

The Results!

So after an hour of giving Spotify for Brands a try, I stopped my campaign immediately! Why? The CTR (click-through rate) was incredibly low! With 859 ads served, I’ve only received 4 clicks. So I was charged $16.67, that’s $4.17 per click. No thanks! I’ve figured out in the last few days to get targeted Facebook Ad’s down from $0.50-$1.00 to $0.004-$0.05 per click. I do believe Spotify Ad’s in the future will be much more effective but for now, since it just got out of beta, I’d wait another year. If you think Spotify for Brands is right for you and you’re interested in finding out more, click here.


If you’re an artist and music producer looking to release new music on a budget, I will be your personal guinea pig in trying different marketing and promotional methods. I will be writing about how I am trying out different and unique ideas and sharing my results with you regularly. We will see if this Spotify for Brands campaign will help me gain new followers and fans in the long run!