Playlist Push results for CHO 'Take Me Away'

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I finished my first Playlist Push campaign for ‘Take Me Away’. The last two weeks have been a constant nail biter! I’ll admit that I’ve been obsessively checking my email inbox for notifications!

‘Take Me Away’ was added to 30 user playlists around the world with 219k reach in followers. I have no clue how the Spotify Popularity is measured (it’s a different number than what’s given on the Chartmetric site). As for the Spotify Followers, I’m unsure how many were added due to the campaign. Keep in mind I am running several other marketing campaigns (Universal Music Group, Gleam, Facebook Ad’s, and from passing out printed promo).

Thanks to Spotify for Artists data, I’ve estimated that my streams from Playlist Push is around 4k. Playlist Push may have helped my song land on Release Radar too. However, some of the playlists have very low engagement.

How It Works

The process of Playlist Push is simple. 1.) You submit a song for review. 2.) If approved you move to the next step in scheduling a campaign. Playlist Push does an ala carte menu where you pay for the genre you select. The popular genres cost more but pricing drops when you combine them; pricing starts at $100. Off the top of my head I believe I chose Pop, Electronic, Indie Pop, and Indie Dance because I’ll admit… I don’t even know what to consider the genre, as you’ll read in one of the reviews below. In the end, I paid $1245 for this campaign.

Once your campaign goes live, curators on the other end have two weeks to listen and write a feedback. I hope Playlist Push will extend the campaign length to a month instead because I don’t think every curator had listened to the song. Universal’s offering does campaign for 5 weeks for nearly the same price.

Is Playlist Push a success?

With 219k listener reach and an estimated 4k plays, would I consider this a success? Well I do believe in patience, waiting atleast a month after the campaign has ended to see the full results. I’ve received 30 placements out of the 123 feedbacks given, that’s 24.4% success.  Facebook ad’s cost around $0.50-$1 per click and there is no promise that there will be any plays at all. I am now stopping my Facebook Ad’s and only using it to gain more page followers. I may not earn a positive return in royalties but I do measure this as a success in other ways.

Ironically the same curator (with 70k+ followers) hated my song when submitted via SubmitHub two months ago but praised it on PlaylistPush with lots of love. ‘Take Me Away’ landed on a decently high position on that playlist but later I would find out it has really low engagement with the number of followers they have. On the flip side, I’m gaining real listeners who may end up becoming actual fans who will go to shows or buy merch. Music supervisors may check to see if the song has any traction thus the added playlists may land a licensing deal. Also the listeners gained from Playlist Push may help me book more gigs in the future. Finally, these initial listeners may be sharing my music with their friends and may lead to even more playlist adds in the future, trickling down and on.

Below are screen shots of the backend interface of what you will see for your campaign.

First, here is the good


and the bad

If anyone reading had similar results in playlist follower reach, please chime in below in the comments. I am curious to know how your song did so I can project where ‘Take Me Away’ will go.

At this moment, I would recommend using Playlist Push, however results may vary per song as it may be expensive. Before you pay for a campaign, narrow down your genre. For instance, I realize I may not have needed to pay for indie dance or indie pop as pop and electronic would probably have been listed under the same curators. You also have to ask yourself, are you willing to invest in your career? If so and you’re serious about your music, playlist pitching is a must.

Use my referral link to sign up for Playlist Push ( and use my 7.5% discount code! “Q39VDRJ


If you’re an artist and music producer looking to release new music on a budget, I will be your personal guinea pig in trying different marketing and promotional methods. I will be writing about how I am trying out different and unique ideas and sharing my results with you regularly. We will see if this Playlist Push campaign will  help me gain new followers and fans in the long run!


Stats from first 3 weeks!

Chartmetric Stats (As of August 18, 2018)




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