OSTON ‘bad’
OSTON debuts her first single ‘bad’ and it’s really good!

I met my friend OSTON two years ago and she has been working relentlessly in the studio since she moved to Chicago from Park City, Utah. Her manager Christian Mulvany has guided her from an American Idol contestant to finding her artistic vision. Fast forward, OSTON is ready for the spotlight with her debut ‘bad’ and it’s really good! I’ve been obsessed with this song and production for nearly two months now, hearing it only in the studio.

OSTON has been working with producer Dino Zisis (Lady Gaga ‘Applause’) and Christian by chance met with another producer and writer named Lisa in New York City who has sped up the collaborative process.  ‘bad’ will have you singing along at an instant and is one of my favorite songs of 2018.

I was in the studio with OSTON and Christian last night while they were recording vocals for her upcoming E.P. ‘Sitting at the Kids Table’ and I promise you that listeners will not be disappointed. I’m incredibly proud of OSTON, she’s come a long way. She has been spending ridiculous amount of hours everyday working on her craft in songwriting and singing. Hard work pays off in the end and you can tell with ‘bad’. Take a listen to ‘bad’ by OSTON below on either Spotify or Apple Music.



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