Gleam GiveawayMy new single ‘Take Me Away’ featuring Brittany Foster dropped everywhere today! To promote it I am doing a Gleam giveaway, ‘Music Production Starter Pack’. Prize includes a pair of Mackie CR3 Reference Monitors, midiplus AKM320 MIDI Controller, and the official CHO Snapback hat!

Why Run a Gleam Giveaway?

With Gleam you can run contests to get real people to follow your social media accounts in exchange for an entry to a giveaway. The giveaway can be as simple as a t-shirt of your band or a poster. Be creative! It’s recommended to reach out to a company that aligns with your brand to sponsor the giveaway because I’ll admit that I rushed this contest. I didn’t contact Mackie or the maker of the MIDI controller. I didn’t do my research so now I’ll be paying out of pocket for the prizes. Lesson here, prepare yourself!


First of all, it’s simple to set up, takes about less than 10 minutes. If you want to gain more Spotify followers, you will have to sign up for the Monthly Pro Competitions which costs $49, but you can cancel your subscription right away and have it last only a month. If you’re not worried about gaining new Spotify followers, you can sign up for their Hobby plan for $10. Currently, Gleam doesn’t allow Facebook or Instagram follows as contest entries, so instead contestants can visit the pages. At the end of your contest giveaway, a winner will be selected randomly therefore you will be responsible to send out the prize. Hopefully no one will unfollow me on my social media accounts!


Keep in mind that you are responsible for promoting the contest on Gleam. Gleam will not promote this contest for you! I would suggest doing an email marketing blast or share it on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. At the end of my Gleam giveaway I will share my final results and see if $49 was worth it as a part of my music marketing budget. So far it’s looking good!

If you are interested in running your own Gleam giveaway, please use my referral link here (!


You can enter my contest giveaway below!
Music Gear Giveaway!


If you’re an artist and music producer looking to release new music on a budget, I will be your personal guinea pig in trying different marketing and promotional methods. I will be writing about how I am trying out different and unique ideas and sharing my results with you regularly. We will see if this Gleam giveaway will  help me gain new followers and fans!