I’ve been dabbling with ad’s for both Facebook and Instagram for the last year. Both are integrated in Facebook Ads. The main objective is to bring the cost per clicks down while gaining real followers. Through trial and error I figured out how to get thousands of likes and follows for pennies. I thought this was a win and I had found the magic formula to advertising. I was wrong, very wrong…

I would later find out that most of these likes, follows, and clicks were from countries that don’t engage at all because the newly gained followers don’t understand English or they just don’t understand what the hell you’re promoting but for some reason they liked your page. In retrospect, this makes the entire ad campaign worthless and really a loss.

If you’re in the states like I am, think of this post as a guide on what not to do with Facebook & Instagram ads.

Steps To Lose Your Money with Thousands of Followers That Won’t Engage
  1. Set up a new ad campaign.
  2. Select “Promote Your Page”
  3. Edit Audience
    -Gender: ALL
    -Ages: doesnt matter
    -Locations: Worldwide
  4. Include interests
  5. Language, leave it blank

Now the key thing here is the location settings to “Worldwide”. This is what is going to hurt your campaign. At first I did try to gain new followers in the U.S. only and the results for cost per click average was about $0.70-$1.00. Then I figured it wouldn’t hurt to gain new fans around the world instead, so I set the location as such. The Facebook impression and click estimate started to grow. I was mind boggled that Worldwide would have a better predicted impact on my campaign so I went ahead.

I started off with approximately 3,000 followers on Facebook that I obtained over the years. I set my daily budget to $5 a day. After a few hours, I was amazed with the results! My Facebook followers grew hundreds. I was amazed the following day, I had gained about a thousand new followers! I immediately made a new Facebook post… and…..


I was baffled, I just gained a thousand new followers, and nothing happened. I kept the campaign running for over a week to see if the post engagements would go up. In the end I grew to about 13k followers, I was blown away with the results. I was excited to make my next Facebook post… I figured I would definitely gain some likes and comments…


Later on through some research I found out that if you have high number of followers who don’t engage, your content will suffer. For those who do follow your page and actually do care about your content will most likely not see your posts because of the poor engagement ratio. Then I did some investigating.

On my Facebook page insights, I learned so much about where my audience was located. It revealed most of my followers now came from India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. It tells you the exact numbers. I went to the “Manage Ads” part of Facebook and noticed the numbers matched the new followers gained from the campaign. The reason why countries like the U.S. and parts of Europe are more expensive is because you’re competing with so many ads. This makes Facebooks algorithm want to target the countries with the least amount of competition because the setting is automatically placed for budget optimization. Nothing against India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, but as an advertiser, I want the best results, meaning real fans that will engage. I would love to have fans in those countries, but for now I have realigned my target goals to the listener data gathered from my Spotify artist page with select cities through out North America, Europe, Central America, South America, and Australia. The cost per click will go back up but in the end your brand will be happier because of it.

So how do I clean up this mess? After a year of sitting around with 15k followers on Facebook (10k from worldwide ads, an additional 2k from Spotify data targeted ads), I was pissed and wanted to do something about it. I happened to stumble upon the section where you can have followers unfollow your page manually. Problem solved! But it’s a headache! You have to click each individual follower, one by one. This can take forever to clean up the mess. Fortunately, Facebook gives you the date of when the person followed your page to narrow down your search.

I am now trying to get rid of about 10k followers now that won’t engage from the countries mentioned above. This may take a while.

How to Manually Have Followers Un-Follow Your Page

  1. Under page settings, on the left go to “People and Other Pages”
  2. Make sure the tab is set to “People Who Like This Page”
  3. Scroll down to the date when you ran your ad
  4. Start checking everyone off
  5. Scroll back up to the options wheel
  6. Select “Remove From Page Likes”

Now if only this option was available for Instagram!


Quick Tip: When you run ad’s, it’s best to do boosted ads. The cost is driven down even more. If you target people who don’t follow your page, if they like your post, you can invite them to like your page! It’s simple, just see who liked your content and a pop up window will appear, you’ll have the option to invite them from there!


If you’re an artist, music producer, or a music manager looking to release new music on a budget, I will be your personal guinea pig in trying different marketing and promotional methods. I will be writing about how I am trying out different and unique ideas and sharing my results with you regularly.