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The leap from Korean barbecue to music might not seem an obvious one, but for PETE CHO it was the only logical move. No stranger to the music industry, Pete spent years as a DJ touring the US, enthralling crowds on stages from Lollapalooza to North Coast Music Festival before leaving it all in 2012 and heading back home to the suburbs of Chicago to care for his ill father. Pete opened his successful Korean barbecue restaurant in the city, named one of the “Best New Restaurants” by Chicago Magazine however the itch to get back into music persisted – intensifying with the recollection of words of support from his father: “Before my dad passed away he said after two years of running a restaurant, if I find passion in music again, sell the business and get back into it. He told me he was proud either way. Strangely, everything is following that path.” Pete Cho has gone all in, selling his restaurant to make music full time.

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Press Clippings

Indie-pop artists CHO, Shia La Rosa, and Delance, came together recently live on Twitch to dive into a collaboration that resulted in the creation of this jam “Talk (Make Up My Mind)”. Soulful and fun, you get a glimpse of all three of the artist’s styles while they demonstrate their spot-on vocals mashed together perfectly for this pop hit. All thanks to the fans who helped create this gem after giving the artists feedback while creating this track live on Twitch. An amazing example of how we can create together even from afar.

-Allyson Klein, Elevator Mag

There’s something special about CHO, Shi La Rosa and Delance’s latest. Titled ‘Talk’, not only does the production pull you in a piece by piece but you begin to understand the intimacy and vibrancy behind the lyrics and the vocal performance as it builds throughout the song. It’s a wonderful piece.

Keep Walking Music

Our moms say this feels like ‘2020’, as well. CHO knows what we’re talking about. And as the razor stimulations of ‘Needle’ digs deep into your consciousness. With its rampart crackling digital antics and explorative nostalgia, it sings to you – it brings you to one of your knees – it gives you that happy vibe you were yearning.

Even when that smile is derived from this earthy grayness.

A self described ‘maverick’ and ‘juxtaposition’ in this universe, CHO is a project by Peter Cho of Chicago. He’s got the chops, and with those choice cuts of intuitive and inquisitive slices of digital goodness, he sallies-forth to new and fabulous musical realms.

‘Needle’ is a “juxtaposition of disco, 80’s synth”, and even has a surprising blues element into a modern alternative-pop package. CHO and Marina City, together, explore this certain sentiment to the utmost.

Come Here Floyd

Deep vibes. Great female vocals. What else could you ask for? The relatively unknown CHO delivers big time on this one. I looked this dude up and his Instagram bio is hilarious: “I work for my 🐶. 0x Grammy Winner. 4 Records Sold Worldwide (to my mom, sister, gf, and my dog).”