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CHO - Howlin' coverThe music video for Howlin’ is here! I’ve worked really hard with director Tre Manchestor to present to you the music video for ‘Howlin”! The filming took place in Indiana, about 2 hours away from Chicago so it was a fun trip. Tre had a team out there and we filmed in this creepy house, I think it was actually a museum. We also changed sets on this massive land in the woods, it was extra creepy. The music video stars¬†Jarrett Maier, Kennedy Starcevich, Samantha Kuhlman, Jordan Gracia, and of course, my dog Mr. Lucky Face! I had a blast making this video with everyone involved from makeup to lighting! The crew was great, thank you for making this video happen!

Fun facts! The music video was listed on the pop charts at VEVO! It was also named one of the best music videos of the year by Symphonic Music! You can check out the full list here.


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