Chicago artists are growing in 2018, especially in pop when rap music is dominant in the Second City. I want to share new music from my friends and help you discover talented artists from The Windy City of different genres! Below I’ll post a little about the artists and links to their music! Each song has been released recently so they’re all certified fresh!
This is THE must listen Chicago music for FALL 2018!

(The first two tracks I helped work on!)


Chicago Artists to watch for in 2018

Bevy Chase ‘Got It Like That’

This is a fun song to close out whats left of summer and groove into fall. It’s got a strong pop hook with indie dance vibes in the production. The song is catchy and you’ll be singing along right away!
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Nick Peters ‘Heartless’ ft. Bianca & Rook

‘Heartless’ is a true international “Postal Service” collaboration with 80’s inspired sounds that could have easily fit in the movie Drive juxtaposed with modern pulsating future-house beat. Nick Peters is a 17 year old music producer from France with over 10 million streams on Spotify alone, Bianca is a pop/EDM singer from Australia, and of course Rook is from Chicago. Rook is also known as SKYLR who has features with Illenium and Chicago house music legend Bad Boy Bill.
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Swim Team ‘Crash’

Swim Team is a collective of artists including my buddy JDP. ‘Crash’ has gained momentum from various hip hop blogs and have received rave reviews for their debut album ‘Muse Project’!
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Emily Blue ‘Falling In Love’

Emily is no stranger to the local indie-pop scene. She is an incredible artist with a vision that matches the likes of St. Vincent and Lady Gaga. Her music videos are creative and colorful, usually producing them herself, however on her latest ‘Falling In Love’, Emily teamed up with Nikon in New York for a fun collaboration.
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Kronic, JaySounds, Austin Wolfe ‘Addiction’

Kronic is a DJ and music producer from Australia and I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know him the last two years, he is one of the funniest people I know in music. My good friend Austin contributed vocals & writing (with my friends Anthony Pavel and Jamie Miller). ‘Addiction’ is dark with a chill dance beat that has me playing it on repeat all summer. (I swear, when I typed that, no pun was intended) Austin and I collaborated on a song earlier this year, ‘Burn Slow’.
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CHO ‘Take Me Away’ ft. Brittany Foster

And finally….. 😉
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Chicago Artists Wanted!

You can also find all of these great songs in my Spotify playlist at CHO MY GOD!
Chicago artists, please share your music with me! Please click here!