BURN SLOW featuring my friend Austin Wolfe is now available everywhere! You can purchase this song along with a remix from AMAC at Amazon!

“Chicago based producer Pete Cho released their first song of 2018 today and we’re excited for you to hear it. The track features a strong and catchy vocal topline from an unknown female vocalist but she absolutely killed it. She works beautifully with Pete’s simplistic yet exciting production style – it’s easy to follow, it’s exciting, and it gets stuck in your head. That’s a deadly combo when it comes to making hits. But what makes Pete stand out is his attention to detail, using sounds and subtle techniques that make his music really pop out to the listener or taking the time to perfect his craft, which in the end always pays off. We’re confident you’ll love the song just as much as we do so go ahead and click play – enjoy!”Gem and Secrets


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