Is BeforeEight Spotify Playlist Promo legit?

Spotify playlist pitching is a tough job as an artist and requires hours of data collecting, cold emailing, and to be honest, I’d rather use that time to create new music. I’ve hired BeforeEight, a music marketing service from Germany that focuses on placing dance and pop music into real playlists on Spotify. The results have been very positive and they are much more affordable than the other services that I have tried in the past.

I’ll admit that I was worried about hiring a company from overseas to handle my digital marketing, but the concerns were remedied quick. Before Eight helped me gain over 50k+ real listeners in a month that resulted in Spotify artist page follows, land some big name playlists handled by artists and music fests such as: Nicky Romero, Showtek, Klass, Michael Calfan, Klingande, Parookavile, Elements Festival, Airbeat One, and more.

My Stem Music Distribution backend also supported their results with high quality premium listeners on Spotify and helped cross my single ‘Take Me Away’ into some large plays on Apple Music.

Spotify Playlist promo results
Spotify Playlist promo results, each Before Eight campaign has resulted in approx 70k+ streams for my music, results vary.

I am convinced that Before Eight is legit and doesn’t use botted streams, I’ve also received thousands of song saves/likes on Spotify with approx 70k+ streams per campaign (results will vary). I will definitely be using their Spotify playlist services again in the future along with other music marketing ideas. Typical budget for each campaign can run from a few hundred dollars to high as approx $600. This is better than dropping thousands on a single campaign and getting similar results.

You can check out Before Eight at

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